Bob Maguire
President & CEO
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Bob Maguire is the Founder, President and CEO of BioLab Sciences, an innovative regenerative medicine company focused on developing new ways to regenerate the body to optimal performance. With more than 30 years’ experience in leadership, operations, and sales management, Bob oversees the product strategy and vision for the company. Bob founded BioLab Sciences after surviving a life-altering moment, in which he realized he wanted to do more to help people and leave a lasting impact.


After years of research and identifying how many individuals suffer from chronic health, pain and wound issues, he was determined to find a solution. Years of research combined with his prior experience leading a biotech company that was focused on research and collaboration with top universities and hospitals have culminated in the formation of BioLab Sciences.


Today, Bob and his team are on a mission to uncover how the body’s own cells and tissues can be used to improve quality of life for people around the world. Bob holds a Bachelor of Science in business from Manhattan College and an executive masters in business administration from Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business

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Jaime Leija
Chief Commercialization Officer
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Jaime Leija is a co-founder of BioLab Sciences, and as the Chief Commercialization Officer of BioLab Sciences, Jaime Leija is responsible for bringing the company’s revolutionary regenerative medicine products to market. With more than 20 years’ experience and an extensive background in sales leadership, marketing and operations, Jaime works to commercialize innovative products and technologies that will benefit orthopedic, wound care, and pain management industries.


Prior to BioLab Sciences, Jaime was the region vice president of sales for IKON Office Solutions, AOT-Xerox and Advance Laboratory Consultants. He has a bachelor of science in business and an executive masters in business administration from Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business.

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Scott Swonger
Chief Financial Officer
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Scott Swonger, CFO of BioLab Sciences, has spent the last 30 years as a financial management leader for health, technology and environmental companies. At BioLab Sciences, he provides leadership related to growth strategy, contract management, overseeing new market development and partnership cultivation.


Prior to BioLab Sciences, he held executive-level finance positions at companies including Redirect Health, Grand Lake Foot and Ankle, and Beacon Medical Billing Services and was a founder and senior manager of a national specialty contracting and logistics company. Scott has a Bachelor of Science in business administration and international finance from Miami University.

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Carlos Encinas, PhD
Chief Science Officer
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Dr. Carlos Encinas is a Technology Management and Commercialization Expert focusing in Life Sciences. Carlos currently serves as the Chief Science Officer at BioLab Sciences, a Biotech Start-Up Company based in Scottsdale Arizona focusing on regenerative medicine. He is responsible for the identification, evaluation, and commercialization of the Company's intellectual property and strategic partnerships. Carlos also supports product development and evaluates avenues for commercialization overseas.


Dr. Encinas is also a founder of a biotechnology company (AmerStem), focusing on utilizing cell culture techniques to develop what AmerStem calls, Agriculture 2.0. Dr. Encinas recently served as a Director for Business Development and International Relations for Skysong Innovations, the Technology Transfer company for Arizona State University (ASU). He also served as the Director for the Office of Industry Research and Collaborations at ASU. He previously served as the Director of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Dignity Health’s Technology Transfer Office, providing support for the protection and commercialization of intellectual property from at the Medical Center and other research institutes and universities, both domestic and foreign.

Dr. Encinas has served several different leadership positions in a variety of technology-based companies, primarily in the Life Sciences and Green Technologies realm. His experience includes CFO, COO, CSO, senior management and advisory role for start-ups in the US, Europe and South America. Carlos’ role has been to support, mentor and advise early-stage and technology-based companies around the globe, while maintaining a sustainable and clean strategies. Carlos has a passion for creating and developing international networks. He has a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Arizona as well as a masters in Business Administration.